What’s the advantage of Burabi formula milk maker?
With the smart proportioning system and one-touch operation, Burabi Smart Formula Milk Maker enables healthy and scientific bottle preparation, which is simple and time-saving. Food-grade material Tritan EX401 is safe and FDA approved, and Thermoblock instant heating technology keeps babies from constant temperature water or repeatedly boiled water. The app Burabi+ ensures Wi-Fi remote control, 18 safety sensors are equipped to avoid faulty operation, and thoughtful designs such as child-lock, adjustable tray and gentle night light make the preparation easier.
How does the machine heat up? What can be added into the water tank?
Designed with the Thermoblock instant heating technology, the machine only heats up the selected amount immediately, not all the water in the water tank. To prevent  lime scale and repeatedly boiled water, boil function is not equipped, so please fill the water tank with cold boiled water or purified water.
How many colors are available for the machine?
Two colors: grey and purple.
What is Tritan?
The powder container, the water tank and the funnel are made from Tritan EX401 produced by Eastman, which is the food-grade material specialized for baby in EU and FDA approved (Food Contact Notification(FCN) No.729). Compared with Tritan2001 or PP, Tritan EX401 is more anti-corrosion and steady (Materials of Burabi Smart Formula Milk Maker: Tritan/PP/ABS/Stainless steel/Silicone/Glass).
How many formula brands can the machine work with?
Currently over 10,000 types of formula information have been recorded in the Burabi+ server, covering most of the formula brands in the market. And the database is continuously updated. If the formula you need has not been recorded, please contact customer service in the app to update the information.
What are the dimensions and weight of the machine?
The product dimensions are 376mm×246mm×312mm, and product weight is 4.2KG.