The app works with Android or IOS?
The app Burabi+ works with Android4.2 and above, IOS7 and above.
Will the formula data be automatically saved after scanning the bar code? Can I input the formula information manually?
The app will save the formula data after first scan, and you can also input the formula brand and stage manually.
Is the machine operation complicated? Is it handy enough for the old?
Burabi Smart Formula Milk Maker is very user-friendly, and you can get a bottle ready in just 3 steps: 1. Fill the water tank with purified water or cold boiled water, and fill the powder container with 400g formula powder. 2.Login Burabi+, and scan the formula bar code to access advised temperature&concentration. 3.Press the START button on the panel or control by Burabi+, and the bottle will be prepared in a few seconds.
How to clean the machine? Is it equipped with the auto-clean function?
For first use, it is suggested to clean the water tank, the powder container and the funnel with warm water thoroughly, and make sure the powder container is completely dry before filling formula powder. It is also suggested to press the Clean button on the panel to clean the inner hose automatically.
Will the machine give out loud noise? Can I use it in the bedroom?
With the low noise motor, the machine can be used in the bedroom, it will not disturb baby or families even at night.